summer presentations + late fall release

Getting close to lift off!

Lots to tell since my last post — all of it good news for INSIGHT TREKS.

A generous Writers Grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts was instrumental in the creation of a ‘first draft’ (completed the first week of August); I also tested several ideas on how to present the materiel — demonstrations of key features of INSIGHT TREKS as ‘locative media’ (for instance, immersive 3D soundscapes derived from ‘special places’ — more on that in a moment).

Some of that content was presented as Sound Never Ages, a TEDx talk I gave to an enthusiastic crowd of 1,500 people at the Jubillee Auditorium in Calgary. When you watch the short twelve minute video, you’ll see some of the locations that will be in the final INSIGHT TREKS presentation.

In consort with the Edmonton Heritage Council, I created Edmonton Soundwalks “an innovative mobile app that combines archival audio with commentary to create vivid sound portraits of important landmarks”, a map of the cultural heart of the city. As a proof-of-concept, the 3D audio app (which you can download for Apple IOS and Google Android platforms at no charge) will give you a sense for what INSIGHT TREKS will sound like (use headphones or earbuds for the 3D immersive effect).

Reviewers in the Edmonton Journal  and Metro newspapers were quite keen on the free app for mobile phones and tablets.

Since my last posting, I’ve given several talks at conferences about INSIGHT TREKS;  I spoke about ‘special places’ as medicine; as a potent mnemonic device to transmit cultural memory over time; and that these extraordinary spots have personalities, as unique as you and me. At Toward A Science of Consciousness, a conference hosted by the University of Arizona at Tucson, I was interviewed for a new film featuring the ‘rock stars’ of consciousness research; among the notables you’ll see in this trailer are John Searle, Daniel Dennett, Deepak Chopra, Stuart Hameroff, Susan Blackmore — and me.

When should you expect to hear and see INSIGHT TREKS?  Mid-November at the earliest (and well before the holiday season kicks into high gear).

Neon-Audio Visual evite

Meantime: if you’re near the University of Calgary, consider joining me for this opening at the Kasian Gallery (in the Faculty of Enviromental Design). Please come and say hello!

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