EPISODE 2: Wind speaks well of you

writing on stone_3

Close to the Rocky Mountains, an ever-present wind lives on the southern prairie of Canada; it shapes Writing-On-Stone, a ‘special place’ in Alberta featuring miles upon miles of sandstone hoodoos and cliff faces adorned with petroglyphs — ancient images scratched and pecked out of the stone.

Leroy PICTOLeroy Little Bear, a Blackfoot elder and one-time executive director of Native Studies at Harvard University tells of the wind and spirits and how news from the ancestors is transmitted to those who can hear…

Here’s the link to  WIND SPEAKS WELL OF YOU.

To experience the immersive wind of Writing-On-Stone, put on HEADPHONES or earbuds for the 3D SOUND presentation. Let the sound sneak up on you and adjust the volume to find the ‘sweet spot’ for your ears.

writing on stone_4                                                                                                           CHAPTER TWO is brought to you by:

Helen Verbanz, Karna Mital, Ted Chamberlin, Karsten Heuer, Cleo Paskal, Brian Harris, Sue Kenney, John Beardsley, Lynn Thompson, John de Jardin.

Thanks for supporting my ‘art habit’!

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