about don hill

INSIGHT TREKS is one of several ‘immersive media’ related blogs and project-documentation pages you might find of interest:

Harmony in the Square documents an innovative way of remediating urban racket in a busy downtown core.

Sound Landscaping is a how-to approach to ‘sonic architecture’; for instance, redirecting the wind and persistent ambient sound to reshape an acoustic space.

Music Is Medicine features 3D (binaural microphone) soundscapes of several locations that are the subject of the short films I have on the go.

Know More Secrets is a collection of interviews with neuroscientist Michael Persinger.

Appropriate Entertainment is my legacy website, an account of ongoing investigations, journalism, music and art projects.


2 thoughts on “about don hill”

  1. Hi Don!

    Bob Kenyon, the CKUA fanatic from Camrose and the publisher of Yagotta.ca

    When I used to backpack, in the mountains, one trek that was very insightful was the Tonquin Valley in Jasper. It wasn’t opened up until about 1928, because the aboriginal people said the area was big medicine.

    I packed in there three times from Mt. Edith Cavell. When you come over ridge of the Old Horn mountain, the Rampart range is staring at you.

    It’s truly a magical place. Many of the the trekkers who go in there, don’t down from Surprise Point to Chrome lake and the Erimite Valley. The Alpine Club, marked out a trail from the early part of the trek into Tonquin Valley, on the Astoria River. That trail, although I’ve never taken it, leads via Chrome lake and the Erimite Valley, to their hut hut at Outpost Lake. It’s a serious hump up to the little, tiny lake, but that is a very spiritual place!

    On the lighter side of things and about acoustics. You must have stood on the “magic spot” on the upper level of the Alberta Legislature dome?

    1. Territory near or along the eastern slopes of the Rockies is indeed ‘big medicine’, Bob. And, yes, the ‘standing wave’ that floats and hovers in 3D acoustic space is fun at the legislature. The same effect can be heard hiking through the giant boulders next to Canmore’s Grassi Lakes, up near the top of the pass leading to Kananaskis country. Bring a small drum with you next time you’re there, and you’ll hear what I mean…

      Thanks for your comment!

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