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Welcome to the making of INSIGHT TREKS (the short films)!

Make sure you check in from time to time; I will be posting reports on the progress of INSIGHT TREKS and what-not (for instance, the outcome of late night sojourns in search of VLF (very low frequency) associated with the aurora borealisthe legendary Northern Lights that make the long winter nights interesting up here, north of latitude 53).

I’m also very interested and invite your comments . Please do tell me about your personal experiences with any ‘special places’ you have encountered or have a hunch about and think I should investigate (such as the ones I mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign). And try not to second guess what I might find of interest or feel obliged to edit the story you have to tell; the more details — no matter how trivial — the better!

You can also continue to support my work by passing along this link to PLAN B  (building from the 2013 Kickstarter campaign) to friends and colleagues via your social media of choice.

All the best for 2014~

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