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another pre-release + animation

Looking out over the Bow River in southern Alberta

THE GOPHERS are busy and that most certainly means spring has taken root (although snow still whispers in the forecast).

You can also hear the tell-tale sound of songbirds on the prairie filling up a big blue sky with the promise of summer…

Here’s more incidental music for the INSIGHT TREKS soundtrack.

The first tune (released last month) enjoyed some airplay on the CKUA Radio Network, and Mid-Morning Mojo. Popular host Baba Singh (a very nice man!) kindly wrote: “I will open tomorrow morning’s show with this gem.”  The newest release  Late Snow once again features Paul Dunn accompanying me on guitar, and bassist Tom Linklater — The Dead String Band.

I’ve got three more soundtrack mixes to come over the next short while; the  music is different from the 3D audio soundscapes; they’re bed-tracks for ‘voiceover’ script — instrumentals evocative of impressions on the way to ‘special places’.

I’ve been working closely with Jack Bride, a visual artist with a talent for iconography. He’s visited and communed with several INSIGHT TREKS locations. Here’s a teaser — a short snippet of his animation — work that will be chroma-keyed to float over a scene (think of ‘green screen’ compositing in red…).

In my next update, I’ll post Jack’s impressions of floating imagery — potent entoptic visuals we’ve both encountered — at a spectacular ‘rock art’ location along the north shore of Lake Superior…