What was PLAN B?

For a complete description and to make a pledge of support, please go to PLAN B.

From the webpage:

“I can work wonders with the funding raised during the 2013 campaign; it’s just enough to make several short films (with 3D audio) of INSIGHT TREKS most ‘special places’.

“There’ll be five possibly six short films — all thematically linked; each film will have a digital download pre-release. And by late spring: a DVD compilation, as well as a CD of the film’s 3D soundtrack.”

That was then…

I’ve pivoted the concept (outlined above) to focus on 3D cinematic-like soundscapes, conversations, and music cues evocative of the ‘special places’.

INSIGHT TREKS audio presentations are rich with psychoacoustic cues (psychoacoustics is the science of how sound is interpreted by the listener); as experimental ‘locative media’ designed for headphones coupled with smartphones, I am working to create a language of direction & production for what I believe is a genuinely new medium — mobile digital platforms.

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